Spanish adventurers called it Punta de Tiburon “Shark Point.” But today the former working-class railroad town at the end of the Tiburon Peninsula is a trendy, wealthy community with tennis and yacht clubs, parks, bike paths, and a wildlife sanctuary. Many homes have stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, San Francisco, Richardson Bay, and Mount Tamalpais. Blackie’s Pasture, along Tiburon Boulevard on the way into town, is a former pasture that now includes a walking/biking trail and playgrounds, as well as soccer fields and a gazebo.

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Originally a Miwok Indian Village, Tiburon prospered as a Spanish Land Grant settlement, and later became a bustling railroad town in the 1800’s. Today Tiburon is a busy waterfront town, reminiscent of a quaint New England fishing village. Upscale shopping, art galleries, and waterside dining charm visitors and residents alike.

With easy access to ferry services and only minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge, Tiburon is an attractive location for commuters. Homes in Tiburon and nearby Belvedere are expensive. Forbes Magazine has long rated the Belvedere/Tiburon area as being among the most expensive zip codes in the United States. Homes in Tiburon are high-end luxury homes and range from stylish single-family detached homes to sweeping estates, although luxury condominiums and townhouses are also available.

Most properties have panoramic views of the bay, the surrounding mountains, or the San Francisco city lights. Tiburon’s interesting past has created a rather eclectic collection of architectural styles. Main Street is full of shops and restaurants housed in historic wood buildings dating back to Tiburon’s railroad days. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, floating homes were popular with summer residents, sea captains, and bohemian artists; remnants of this era can still be found on Ark Row, which is full of charming little shops that used to be houseboats. Examples of classic architecture can be found in the Hilarita Reed Lyford House, an Italianate villa that now serves as headquarters for National Audubon Society, and Old St. Hillary’s, a former Catholic church, which is a fine example of the Carpenter Gothic style.

Tiburon also has a long history with the mid-century modern movement in architecture, and many homes in the area reflect the simple, understated style of modernists such as Raphael Soriano and Charles Warren Callister, both prominent mid-century architects who were based in Tiburon for many years. William Wurster, another of California’s influential architects, designed one of the hillside homes perched above the waters of Tiburon. Other homes influenced by the modern movement include a 1960’s Quinn and Oda home, and an award winning, master-planned community of condominiums designed by Fisher-Friedman Associates. Interesting homes, stunning views, and a wonderful climate just scratch the surface of Tiburon’s charms, however.

With two yacht clubs – the Corinthian Yacht Club and the Tiburon Yacht Club; acres of shopping and waterfront dining, and miles of biking, hiking, and skating trails there is always something to do in Tiburon.
Real estate in Tiburon is expensive, but properties hold their value. Despite the general decline in California real estate, the luxury market in Marin County, including Tiburon, has remained steady or, in many cases, actually increased in value. The cost of property in this area reflects the location, views, and standard of living as well as the architecture and amenities of the home.

Tiburon is also home to many people who can be described as “urban sophisticates.” Urban sophisticates are educated, wealthy, executives and professionals, who have urbane tastes in books, food, and travel, whether they actually live in a big city, or choose to reside in a small town. In big or medium-sized cities, urban sophisticates tend to frequent art institutions such as opera, symphonies, ballet, live theatre, and museums. One of the nice things about Tiburon is that is it nautical, meaning that parts of the town are somewhat historic and on the ocean, or touch tidal bodies of water, such as inlets and tidal rivers. Because of this, visitors and locals will often go to these areas to take in the scenery or to enjoy waterfront activities.

Weather Conditions

Tiburon enjoys the same Mediterranean climate experienced throughout Marin County. Warm, dry summers, kept comfortable by ocean breezes pushing in around the Marin Headlands, and mild winters hold the promise of pleasant conditions year-round. Pleasure in Tiburon abides, regardless of the season. There are few experiences more delightful than basking in the sun and looking out across the bay toward San Francisco on a clear summer day or admiring the city lights on a crisp winter evening.

Tiburon climate is mild during summer when temperatures tend to be in the 60’s and cool during winter when temperatures tend to be in the 50’s. The warmest month of the year is September with an average maximum temperature of 71.30 degrees Fahrenheit, while the coldest month of the year is January with an average minimum temperature of 46.40 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature variations between night and day tend to be fairly limited during summer with a difference that can reach 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and fairly limited during winter with an average difference of 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The annual average precipitation at Tiburon is 37.59 Inches. Winter months tend to be wetter than summer months. The wettest month of the year is January with an average rainfall of 7.32 Inches.


In January 2008, Tiburon’s poopluation was 8,840. After comparing the census of 2000 it shows the downfall of 0.5%.

  • Males 4,071
  • Females 4,611
  • Median resident age 48.6 years
  • Household Income (Median): $136,874

Housing and Education

Located just across the bay from San Francisco, at the southern end of the Tiburon peninsula, Tiburon is an upscale community with lots of charm and amenities.  If your search for real estate takes you to Tiburon and you must take the school system into consideration, you will find that Tiburon has some award winning schools. Tiburon, Belvedere, and a part of Corte Madera are in the Reed Union School District.

The District has three schools, all located in Tiburon: Reed Elementary (grades K-2); Bel Aire Elementary (grades 3-5); and Del Mar Middle School (grades 6-8). All three have been recognized as “California Distinguished Schools” by the state Department of Education. St. Hilary School, a Catholic primary school for children grades K-8, is also located in Tiburon.

All three of Tiburon’s public schools have gone or are undergoing substantial renovation and expansion. Reed completed reconstruction in 2004, and both Bel Aire and Del Mar completed reconstruction in 2006.
Tiburon is in the Tamalpais Union High School District and the Marin Community College District. Tiburon graduates attended Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley from 1908, when Tam opened, until 1958, when Redwood High School opened in Larkspur, with Reed Union School District in its attendance area.

Two public school districts serve students living in Tiburon.  Elementary and middle school students attend schools in the Reed Union School District, and most high school students attend Redwood High School, which is in the Tamalpais Union High School District. Reed Union School District serves the elementary schools in the communities of Tiburon, Belvedere, and a portion of East Corte Madera.

Tamalpais Union High School District provides secondary school education to students coming from ten elementary districts in Marin County, including the Reed Union School District.  It includes three comprehensive high schools, all of which have been designated as California Distinguished Schools, and two alternative schools.

Tiburon is one of the more educated communities in America, with a full 69.64% of its adults having a college degree or even advanced degree, compared to a national average across all communities of 14.96%.

Schools in Tiburon and Belvedere

Belvedere Nursery School(PK) 15 Cove Rd Pl, Belvedere Tiburon (415) 435-1661
Little School 11 Shepherd Way, Belvedere Tiburon (415) 435-3521
Strawberry Pre-School 240 Tiburon Blvd, Belvedere Tiburon (415) 388-4437
Bel Aire Elementary School (3-5) 277 Karen Way, Tiburon (415) 388-7100
Reed Elementary School (K-2) 1199 Tiburon Blvd., Tiburon (415) 435-7841
Del Mar Middle School (6-8) 105 Avenida Miraflores, Tiburon (415) 435-1468
St. Hilary’s Elementary School (PK-8) 765 Hilary Drive, Tiburon (415) 435-2224



Tiburon doesn’t have a public transportation system that people use for their commute. The convenient ferry departs for San Francisco from the downtown dock. The long commute times that sometimes result along Tiburon Boulevard out to Highway 101 during rush hour don’t deter many from driving to work. Golden Gate Transit is the only real public transportation, with regular service out to the highway and on into San Francisco. As for a car, with so many homes on the hills, it would be difficult to live without a car.

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