Real Estate Success Story | Double B Ranch, Novato


Sweet young family with 2 elementary school aged boys — Novato, CA.

Lifestyle Desire:

A single level home with a lot of yard space to allow boys to play, camp out, and generally goof off in a safe and wholesome environment. They also thought it would be cool to have chickens, dogs, and maybe a barn cat or two. Basically, they wanted a place to live a more grounded life by the time the next Summer rolled around (6-months out).

Primary Obstacles:

The inventory of country homes in Novato, CA (Marin County) is very low — one-level homes are in high demand with extreme competition. In order to effectuate operation Double B Ranch, they had to sell their current house.

Path to Success:

After discussing objectives, I laid out a 2 phase plan and explained how it would work. We would sell their current home so they would have down payment in hand when competing for the downstream home (in competitive situations, a contingent offer rarely succeeds). Although we initiated serious discussions in October (the beginning of the down season in our real estate market), we decided that we would go ahead and place the house on the market. This was a reasoned approach based on the fact that there was very little competition in the neighborhood. We just had to find one buyer.

After compiling the very best marketing materials, including a 3-D tour of the house so people in New York, Nashville, or Nantucket could thereby tour the home virtually and maybe even buy the house without flying out to see it in person (yes, people do that).

I targeted a focussed buyer pool via Facebook, Google, and YouTube, along with my varied internet distribution techniques. And guess what, did we get it sold? Yes. We also negotiated a 60-day rent-back period to give us a chance to find a replacement home with down payment in hand — giving my clients a strong negotiating position. Thus, phase 1 complete.

Next up, Phase 2 — find a rancher in the country. This phase was the tricky one. The needs were very specific and the options were very limited. Time passed and we were having a hard time finding anything on the MLS. I sent multiple smoke signals (emails, calls, and group posts) to my insider realtor groups for off-market homes (after all, about 20% of homes in our area sell off market (about 33% of my business is done off market) and I knew our odds would improve if we could identify and secure an off market property). My clients, being patient people with a vision, decided to rent for a while rather than compromise on their dream (love that commitment!). Then, I got a short email from another agent who’d seen my posts on the group website about a home that might possibly work. We went out and saw it the next day.

Turns out this home not only had the acreage, but it also had two income producing dwellings in good condition with reliable tenants, a year round creek, majestic oak trees, a basketball hoop, a barn, a stable, and a main home that met all my clients needs. Even better, it was located at the end of quiet cul-de-sac within walking distance of downtown.

BINGO! WE HAD LITTLE IDEA SUCH A PROPERTY EVEN EXISTED! My clients made an iron-clad offer and bought it.

Outstanding Result:

As their first Summer at Double B Ranch approaches, not only do my clients have the chickens and a puppy, they plan to get a couple goats. Moreover, they are happily enjoying the financial rewards of the rental dwellings. This is why I do what I do. I love helping my clients achieve their goals and make great real estate decisions.

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Kyle Frazier, J.D. | Pacific Union | Realtor | Broker Associate | Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist