Real Estate News — Homebuyers Believe Broadband Is More Important Than …

Every once in a while, I read articles that make me stop and scratch my head. For example, yesterday I saw an article on CNN explaining how ants hold the planet’s ecosystems together. Huh? Well, yes, they do.

This morning, I ran across an article that noted that a large portion of video game enthusiasts would give up their cars for 6 months in exchange for being the first to obtain the new XBOX1 and/or Playstation 4. I thought that was pretty nuts. But, then I saw the chart below in that same article and stopped — a little surprising, but it made sense.

While location is supremely important in real estate, so to (apparently) is access to broadband internet. In fact, the general population feels it is as important a factor in deciding where to live as low crime. And more important than access to nearby shopping and restaurants. Click HERE for the article. Not sure if these percentages are completely accurate, but they are definitely interesting. I know that I am right now fighting the urge to explore this subject matter further via my own broadband internet access.