Pacific Union Real Estate Mill Valley CA. Real Estate Report (July 2010 Home Sales Update)

The number of homes sold in the Mill Valley, California real estate market rose and Mill Valley’s touchstone price band ($1 million to $2 million) posted another solid month. In contrast to the previous three years, buyers now speak confidently about our market, recognizing that prices have tumbled significantly, interest rates are extraordinary, jobs numbers have improved, and media coverage concerning real estate has turned positive. Moreover, we are seeing an improved marketplace in San Francisco which is the bellweather for Mill Valley and Marin.

The number of homes for sale in Mill Valley is down incrementally to 143. After the brief slow period in the Summer we can expect increasing inventory after Labor Day. Mill Valley’s entry level price bands (under $1,000,000) are as strong as we have seen them over the past couple of years. Moreover, bread and butter homes of $1.5 mil. and up remain strong and that market segment exhibits undeniable leading indicators of a strengthening market. The chart below tracks prices of “for sale” and “sold” homes at or above $1.5 million compared with last year. Indeed, asking prices are down 6% and sales prices are up 17%. This trend is not evident in every price band.


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