Novato Real Estate Market Update (September 2009 Home Sales Report)

I have written in past months about the high level of competition in Novato, California’s entry level real estate market. This trend continues into Q3 2009. In August 2009, 38 Novato homes sold. This is down from 47 sales in July and the same as in June. Many of these sold properties were bargain basement homes that were in some of distress. But, the inventory continues its rapid absorption as pent up demand, historically low interest rates, the First Time Homebuyer Credit, and increased affordability carry the day.

Continuing on a trend noted last month, the average sales price of Novato homes rose. In August 2009, the average price for a Novato home was $ 713,440. That is up from $632,078 in July  and from $622,000 in June. While this large bump may be anomolous, the fact it follows a bump last month may prove significant. Certainly, the psychological impact on buyers waiting for bottom to hit may prove significant.

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