Novato Real Estate Market Update (November 2010)

Even through the suppressed months of sales experienced through most of Marin County, California (from May through October, sales were down county-wide as the stock market fell), Novato’s real estate market continues showing resilience and strength. Indeed, buyers continue questioning pricing in Southern Marin, especially at the high end. Meanwhile, many are looking North (Novato is just 16 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge) and stepping fearlessly into the Novato homes market. They can confidently do this because Novato’s bottom has formed and pricing reflects unquestionable value.

What You Get Comparison (Novato v. Mill Valley) — Based on last month’s average sales price in Mill Valley, buyers with a $997K budget got a 2,065 square foot house (likely built 50 or 60 years ago and located in a flood zone, the hills, or a choppy neighborhood).

In Novato, buyers with a $997K budget can buy a brand new home (at The Landing, for example) with 5 Beds, 3 Baths, 3,073 square feet, in the flats (not a flood zone), with a pool and park across the street, within a 2-minute walk of YMCA and 3-minute walk to the Library, and access to the Bay Trail. All this is a mere 12 or 13 minutes up HWY 101. Take into account the time it takes to drive surface streets into Mill Valley, any time factor related to the commute into The City can be a wash.

Decision – You be the Judge. Many buyers believe that Novato provides much more bang for their hard earned buck.

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