Mill Valley Real Estate Market Report (January 2009 Home Sales Update)

Entering the new year, there is optimism that the Mill Valley, California real estate market will gather traction following the slowdown of late 2008. I suspect that the "undercover buyers" who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" to buy will make their move as new inventory hits the market and old inventory prices recalibrate (downwards). Although many buyers still believe prices may slip a bit more, many of them also appreciate the fact that interest rates have never, ever been lower (this was the 4th week in a row with record low rates)–these rates are not likely to last. Mortgage math punishes those who don’t lock in at the lowest rate possible–even if prices dipped 5%, if interest rates went up 1-point, the monthly payment would in many cases be higher. In light of the once in a lifetime low rates, surprisingly low prices, and the wide variety of home choices, I anticipate an up-tick in activity. Also, those who were fortunate enough to receive a year end bonus for 2008 (I know that quite a few San Francisco companies and law firms handed out their regular bonuses) are set to move forward on their purchases.

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Below is a chart reflecting current activity:


Price Range

Total Active Homes

Pending Listings

Up to $800K

13 (no change)


$800K – $1 mil.

14 (up 1)


$1 mil. – 1.5 mil.

23 (down 7)


$1.5 mil. – $2 mil.

13 (no change)


$2 mil. – $4 mil.

6 (down 9)


$4 mil. & Up

3 (no change) 



Homes in Boyle Park and Sycamore Park continue to be in low supply and high demand. If you would like more information about neighborhoods, sales, schools, or local Mill Valley services references, just give me a call at (415) 350-9440 or e-mail me at [email protected] It is always my pleasure to be of service.