Marin County Real Estate Update (Homes For Sale & Price Ranges)

The number of homes for sale (inventory) continues its upward trend?countywide, there are 719 active listings (up from 647 active listings this time last month). The high point (in terms of the sheer number of homes for sale in Marin County) will likely be next month. While the number of homes for sale has gone up, it is still very low historically (especially in Greenbrae, which has only 8 active listings).

The graph below breaks down the current number of homes for sale in Marin County, California, as of May 1, 2007, along with the price ranges for each town/city. Also included is an arrow noting whether inventory is up or down over the past month:

Marin Single Family Homes For Sale

Homes for Sale
(Active Listings)
Price Range
29 ? up 1 unit
$618,000-$11 million
17 ? up 3 units
$2.195 million-$18 million
50 ? up 7 units
$1,050,000-$13.95 million
Mill Valley
79 ? up 19 units
$649,000-$7.975 million
14 ? up 1 unit
$765,000-$2.8 million
Corte Madera
15 ? down 3 units
$845,000-$2.2 million
6 ? down 2
$769,000-$1.85 million
28 ? up 4 units
$575,000-$15.95 million
14 ? down 2 units
$799,000-$22 million
San Anselmo
44 ? up 12 units
$639,000-$3.45 million
San Rafael
132 ? up 11 units
$469,000-$4.745 million
197 ? up 18 units
$550,000-$9.25 million

Some observations: The lowest priced home in Tiburon is over $1 million (a modest home in Bel Air Estates). If you want to live in Belvedere, you?ll need more than $2 million to buy at the entry level, with the average price being just under $5.6 million (that?s about $1500 sq. ft.); on the other hand, San Rafael and Novato offer a total of 68 homes under $750,000 (up by 14 homes from last month). The market has been very strong in Southern Marin in the entry level, especially Tiburon, Larkspur, and Corte Madera. Novato homes are selling at a slightly slower pace, but overall sales figures are impressive. Historically low inventory continues, as prices rise?the median price for Marin homes was again over $ 1million last month.

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