Marin County Real Estate August 2007 Update (Homes For Sale & Price Ranges)

The number of homes for sale (inventory) in Marin County, California continues marching upwards. There are 689 active listings (down from 701 active listings this time last month). We are off the high water mark for the sheer number of homes for sale in Marin–although we are likely to see an uptick of homes on the market in September. 

The graph below breaks down the current number of homes for sale in Marin County, California, as of August 1, 2007, along with the price ranges for each town/city. Also included is a note indicating whether inventory is up or down over the past month:

Marin Single Family Homes For Sale

Homes for Sale
(Active Listings)
Price Range
25 — down 6 units
$650,000-$8.85 million
14 — down 1 unit
$2.775 million-$18 million
42 — down 5 units
$1,250,000-$13.95 million
Mill Valley
61 — down 11 units
$649,000-$5.25 million
13 – down 2 units
$975,000-$2.8 million
Corte Madera
13 — no change
$689,000-$3.995 million
4 — down 2 units
$799,000-$1.9 million
22 — down 9 units
$525,000-$15.59 million
16 — down 3 units
$799,000-$22 million
San Anselmo
44 — up 7 units
$599,000-$3.495 million
San Rafael
126 — down 4 units
$499,000-$4.595 million
206 — up 10 units
$475,000-$6.95 million


Some observations: If you want to live in tony Belvedere, you’ll need a good $2.75 million to buy at the entry level (Belvedere is again home to one of Marin’s highest priced ultra-luxury homes at $18 million–it boasts an infinity pool with views overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge). The highest priced home in Marin continues to be a tony 6,000 square foot gated estate in Ross on 3 acres. 

The average asking price for homes in Kentfield is over $3.66 million (just under $1,000 sq./ft., with an average days on market of 122). On the other hand, San Rafael and Novato offer a total of 94 homes under $750,000 (up by 78 from July 1, 2007). Novato’s 206 active listings is most in Marin County (and up 10 from last month). Greenbrae’s astonishingly low inventory continues, with just 4 active listings–lowest in the County (Larkspur and Corte Madera also continue to experience very low inventory). 

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