April 2018 Novato Real Estate Market Update | Pacific Union Home Sales Report

April 2018 Novato Real Estate Market Update | Pacific Union Home Sales Report. Continuing the trend noted last month — “Novato home sales are off to a roaring start in 2018.” Over the past 6 months or so, I have been touting the “dual-market” opportunities for move-up buyers, especially if selling an entry level home in Southern Marin and moving to a more refined, high-end home in Novato. The opportunity is still there, especially if your move-up targetprice is $1.5 million or more. Even those selling entry level homes in Novato are seeing prices rise dramatically due to the fires and low inventory. As of this writing just 9 homes under $1 million are active on the MLS in Novato. There were 17 such sales in March (last month).


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Novato’s absorption rate remains very low at about 1.5 months. That means there are just enough homes satisfy buyer demand for about a month and a half. This is extremely favorable if you are seller. At the higher end (anything at or above $1.5 million I consider high end in Novato), there are 22 homes on the market. This price point had 4 sales in March.

  • Take away: If you want to trade up in Novato (or from anywhere in Marin), you are selling in a strong sellers’ price range and buying is a fairly strong buyers’ price range. That is a “WIN.”
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Novato home sales numbers in March 2018 were on rocket fuel — 30 trades total. Off-market sales continue to supplement buyer needs. The best agents in Novato rely on realtor networking to get their buyers into desirable homes. I remain thankful to my realtor colleagues and their extraordinary efforts in helping to supplement the low inventory.

Novato’s 30 sales averaged $507 per foot (price per foot has inched upwards over the past year and now stands where San Rafael was about 2 years ago). It remains to be seen whether tax changes will impact sales (only one buyer I have talked with this year has expressed concerns over this). I don’t think it will because many of the things people talk about in the media (e.g., the cap on SALT deductions and mortgage interest deduction don’t matter much to Marin buyers — most pay AMT and don’t get SALT deductions to begin with and the cost of the reduced mortgage interest deduction is really limited in impact). Of course, I am not a tax advisor and you should always consult a professional regarding your individual situation.

What is clear is that more and more buyers feel the “bang for the buck” in driving an extra 10 minutes from Sir Francis Drake is worth it. Novato remains the primary target for price sensitive buyers and for Southern Marin down-sizers selling their multi-million dollar homes in Tiburon, Mill Valley and Ross Valley and transferring their tax base to homes in Novato (and enjoying the better weather).

Also, impacting sales, even 6 months later, are buyers generated by the tragic fires in Sonoma and Napa Counties. These very strong (often all cash) buyers tend to seek out 1-level, ranch style homes (or homes with the Master Bedroom downstairs with the main living areas), as well as the new / newer home communities mostly located in Southern Novato (www.RudnickEstates.com). This makes these two types of homes a target commodity. As noted above, numerous sales are also being conducted privately by agents outside of the MLS, via networking groups such as the Top Agent Network (TAN — Top 10% of agents) and the Marin Platinum Group (MPG — Top 100 agents). It is estimated that approximately 10-15% of homes are sold without ever hitting the market. This is now a large segment of my overall sales as it is often the only way for me to solve my clients housing problems and/or satisfy their dreams.

Rudnick Estates at Cherry Hill, Novato | Click HERE to see Marin County’s most exciting new home community.

The average sale price for Novato homes in March 2018 was $1,076,817. Southern Novato neighborhoods, such as Country Club, Pointe Marin and Hamilton Field, remain some of Marin County’s hottest neighborhoods in 2018. Good weather, an easy commute, newer home inventory and a clear bang-for-your-buck advantage relative to the rest of Marin, San Francisco and the Peninsula continue to propel sales and prices upwards. Novato home sales averaged just 31 days on market (DOM) and were about 2,234 sq. ft.

Below are the percentages of homes in escrow in each of Novato’s major price bands (note that due to increasing sales prices, I have eliminated the “under $500,000″ price band as few homes are sold for less than that amount):
■ 67% of homes priced under $750,000;
■ 60% of homes between $751,000 and $1 million;
■ 53% of homes over $1 million.

Of the 30 Novato, CA homes that sold in March 2018:
■ 3 homes sold under $750,000;
■ 14 homes sold from $751,00 to $1 million; and
■ 13 homes sold for $1 million and up.

Single family homes in Marin Country Club Estates, Pointe Marin, Rush Creek, Hamilton Field, and Bel Marin Keys elicited the highest numbers of calls and showings this past month. If you would like me to run the exact numbers for your Novato neighborhood or if you have any questions about Novato’s schools or many delightful communities, just give me a call at (415) 350-9440. My name is Kyle Frazier. I am a J.D., Broker, Realtor, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS), Top Agent (member), Marin Platinum Group (member) with Pacific Union International Real Estate. It is always my pleasure to be of service.

Note: I specialize in off-market sales of luxury homes in Marin County. If you value discretion and expect high levels of professionalism and service, call me to discuss your situation.