Spanish adventurers called it Punta de Tiburon “Shark Point,” but today the former working-class railroad town at the end of the Tiburon Peninsula is a trendy, wealthy community with tennis and yacht clubs, parks, bike paths, and a wildlife sanctuary. Many homes have stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, Richardson Bay and Mount Tamalpais. Blackie’s Pasture, along Tiburon Boulevard on the way into town, is a former pasture that now includes a walking/biking trail and playgrounds, as well as soccer fields and a gazebo.

Housing and Education

Along with neighboring Belvedere, Tiburon is graced by some of the most expensive homes in the county. For the last several years, several new subdivisions have sprouted in the hills leading into downtown. Children in Tiburon attend schools in the Reed School District, along with their neighbors in Belvedere. After elementary school they go to Redwood High School in the Tamalpais Union High School District. There is also one private elementary school.


The long commute times that sometimes result along Tiburon Boulevard out to Highway 101 during rush hour don’t deter many from driving to work. The convenient ferry departs for San Francisco from the downtown dock.


Tiburon has a moderately-sized population that encompasses all ages. The well-educated townspeople work in managerial, technical, and sales positions.


When the fog comes in off the bay, this is where it comes first; but it usually burns off by early afternoon. Tiburon is right on the water, so is cooler than the cities inland, with average temperatures ranging from 40 to 74.

Important Phone Numbers

Town Manager: 435-7383

Public Works: 435-7399

Planning: 435-7390

Police: 789-2801

Fire: 435-7200

Recreation: 435-4355

Library: 789-2665


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