San Geronimo

Woodacre is an unincorporated community in West Marin. It features a mix of new and old homes. There are also a few summer cottages in the area, some of which have been remodeled and expanded into year-round homes. There are no shoulders on these narrow streets. Pine and cypress tree roots sprout from the gravel and grass lawns. Professionals as well as blue-collar workers live in this rural area. It has a small market and trails.

San Geronimo also lies west of Fairfax, north of Woodacre. Most of the residential areas are single-family homes tucked away in the hills. It has a cultural center and golf course. Forest Knolls and Lagunitas are the other two villages in San Geronimo Valley.

Housing and Education

The rural, rustic character of the San Geronimo Valley is reflected in the housing. The homes are scattered through the wooded hills along serene, windy roads. Prices are generally in the median range for the county. With approximately 335 students, the elementary schools are some of the smallest in the county. Students matriculate into Sir Francis Drake High School, where they post test scores near the top of the county ranking.


Valley commuters are channeled through crowded Sir Francis Drake Blvd., resulting in a slower ride. Fortunately, buses are readily available and the ferry terminal is at the end of the boulevard.


The small population of the four communities comprising the valley are a well-educated, homogeneous mix of married and single folk. Only a quarter of the households are renting and most are employed in professional jobs.


Cool air often sinks to the bottom of San Geronimo Valley and creates frost pockets, which makes for cold winter mornings and evenings. The annual average temperature is 74 degrees. In January, it’s 53. The valley’s hot months are July through October. About 55 inches of rain fall annually, due in part to the redwood groves in the area.

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