Mill Valley

Mill Valley, which stands in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais, has a charm all its own. Besides the quaint downtown, home to antique stores, bookstores, a theater, nightclub, art gallery, coffee shops, and the Depot Bookstore cafe, Mill Valley offers hiking and biking trails, a dog run, a nine-hole public golf course, and the annual Dipsea foot race.

For those with an artistic bent, there’s a noted film festival every fall, as well as an outdoor arts fair, festival of wine and Memorial Day crafts festival in Bayfront Park. My wife would also like me to point out that the Marin Outdoor Art Club is a delightful location for weddings and parties (it is where we got married).

Housing and Education

Prices in Mill Valley tend toward the high side, but condominiums and townhouses are available for more moderate prices. Real estate sales have slackened the past year or two. The number of new homes built dropped dramatically in 1996. Zoning restrictions vary. Tax rates are steady. Students attend one of four elementary schools in the Mill Valley School District, then feed into the local middle school. After that, they attend Tamalpais High School, part of the Tamalpais Union High School District. There are also several private schools in town.


Despite relatively low travel times to key destinations like San Francisco (you are just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge), some workers choose the very public transportation system to commute. Parking availability depends according to neighborhood. Travel times vary.


Mill Valley has one of the larger populations in the county, as well as one of the highest education levels. The age breakdowns tend towards an older populace, working in a wide range of professions.


When Mount Tamalpais blocks fog from rolling into central Marin, this is where it ends up, but it usually burns off by early afternoon. Mill Valley is near the bay, so is cooler than its inland neighbors, with average temperatures ranging from 40 to 74.

Important Phone Numbers

City Manager, Planning, Public Works: 388-4033

Police Department: 389-4100

Fire Department: 389-4130

Library: 389-4292

Recreation: 383-1370

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