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I am pleased to introduce — dedicated to providing detailed information about the Marin County, California real estate market, including homes for sale, solds, absorption rates, days on market, trends, statistics, and professional analysis.

Marin County, California real estate is precious and coveted–so much so that about 80% of the land in Marin is designated as open space.


Bridging Luxury Homes and Befitting Buyers

Bridging Luxury Homes and Befitting Buyers

Kyle Frazier’s Belief System

Kyle knows that reputations are built one relationship at a time. Sometimes doing the right thing or standing up when it is easier to sit down can test one’s resolve. Yet, over time, these efforts accrete and the bulk good will of past actions benefits future occurances in ways difficult to predict. Some call it karma.

In any event, Kyle’s clients can count on him to: do the right thing, treat everybody with respect (even when the going gets tough), act decisively and responsibly, follow through with promises and obligations, maintain a positive outlook, and most importantly, keep on smiling.

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